Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Toy Story 4. AKA "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Potential Sequel"

Complete with memes and animated gifs! Because that's how I'm rolling today. :D

Soooo there's more reason than a Tom Hanks' word to think Toy Story 4 might be happening now, apparently. BBC got the guts to ask John Lasseter about it, as reported by /film, and while nothing for sure came out of it, Mr. Lasseter came across rather jumpy, even to a skeptic like me, and... almost like he was teasing for a sequel right before he pulled the interview back to Cars 2 abruptly.

It doesn't help that Pixarians with well kempt social networks who are usually open to questions weren't answering thousands of pleas for clarification.

So, at first I was like:

Another Toy Story? Another sequel in the works? Could that really be? Why is Pixar so sequel-happy all of a sudden? Is it executive meddling or a string of creatives sharing a brain wave? What would the plot be? Would it create the controversy Cars 2 has once people saw it? I was very confused, and that's when it hit me.

I was very confused, because I didn't have enough information to make a sound judgment, and I still don't. So I stepped back, and watched the entire Pixar-loving internet make judgments on next to no information, sometimes going as far as to disown Pixar entirely, sometimes simply wondering how could another Toy Story possible be good and what could Pixar possibly add to it with a sequel?

Like we do every time Pixar announces a sequel.

Yes we do, guys. In fact, to a certain level, we do this every year. Pixar announces a plot we don't see the sense in, accompanied by a teaser that gives us little more to do on, and we freak out, asking how this could be good, calling Pixar sell-outs. If you don't see at least a little of this every year, I envy the segment of fandom you hang out in. Heck, in a fit of sequel overdose-induced irony, I think Brave is the first film I haven't seen anybody react with malice towards.

But especially sequels. I wish more of the fandom agreed with me on my love of Cars 2 so I could use "we worried about Cars 2!" as my example, but it looks like I'll have to pull out something a bit farther into a future: Monsters University.

The fandom spent, like, a year freaking out over this. "Pixar is cashing in!" "Why won't they make an Incredibles sequel?" "How could Pixar make a sequel when there was such great closure?"

Naturally, Monsters University turns out to be a prequel, we get a short plot synopsis that explains it has to do with how Mike and Sully became BFFs, and the fandom instantly calms down.  Oh, hey! The thing we didn't think of might work!

So, in the event that TS4 turns out to be true, don't you think - especially with so little information right now - there could be something we haven't thought about? What exactly are we freaking out over? I can't even tell what we're freaking out over yet.

It's... just silly and overdramatic to be worried at this point, and yet for a moment, I was.

So, then I was like:

Thus, if anybody needs me, I'll be over here with fat-free popcorn and some iced tea, laughing at the insane amount of drama that is unfolding over this movie we still know next to nothing about.