Monday, July 11, 2011

Kotaku Gets Sucked Into Kirby Wii

Stephen Totilo of Kotaku recently decided that he should have showed more interest for Kirby Wii at the E3 conference, and included a video of the demonstration that gave him the change of heart.

So far, Kirby Wii is looking to be a conventional, but solid addition to the franchise, returning the the standard basic game mechanics in a well polished way. I felt that the Nintendo rep was kinda over-hyping it, but there really do seem to be some cute details and the artwork looks fantastic.The controls, from what I could see, seem tight and comfortable.

As a fan of the franchise, I'm seriously looking forward to this game, but I think I'm missing what about it looks so fantastic that it's getting a non-fan, and a game critic at that, to say "I can't ignore something this colorful, visually-expressive and fun." Kirby has always had a colorful, fun art style with little easter eggs and background details, right? Or are my nostalgia goggles on a little too tight to see how big an improvement this is to Kirby 64 or Canvas Curse?

However groundbreaking Kirby Wii turns out to be, I sure am looking forward to wielding a giant kendo sword in the name of space pirates.