Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pixar Announses Plots of Two New Films at D23Expo.

Pixar has revealed basic information about not one, but two new Pixar films at Disney's annual convention. this morning. The social media circuit is buzzing, but the most straight forward explanation of what happened remains DisneyPixar's twitter for now:

"What if that life-changing asteroid missed Earth? Director Bob Peterson’s hilarious tale depicts a world where dinosaurs never went extinct."

"From director Pete Docter comes an inventive new film that explores a world that everyone knows, but no one has seen: inside the human mind."

I was honestly expecting to go find the fandom and see the usual mix of "This sounds awesome!" and "This sound stupid." but it appears that, for now, everybody is just happy it's not Toy Story 4. My reply is smack in the middle:


The new films sound really strange. This isn't a reason to like them, because weird is not automatically good and after Newt I'm gun-shy to get excited about a Pixar announcement so early. This isn't a reason to dislike them either, as when I first saw the information about WALL-E it looked so weird I thought it was a Wikipedia prank.

I just find myself casually nodding. "Okay, cool," I say. "Now let's see what happens."

I just want to see what happens next with these films... and Pixar as a whole, in the years to come. I feel like something is changing and is about to create a turning point for the studio. Call it a hunch.

...Okay, maybe I'm a little excited. I love Pixar. Pixar announced new films. Can't complain.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Everything I Know About the New Nook

And thus Paradise takes a stab at a video review.

It came out nicely, although I could really use a tripod.

If you're interested in the new nook eReader, this hopes to answer as many questions as possible about how it works. In two parts, the ending of the first linking to the second:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My New Collection Shelf!

Mom is the queen of finding cheap stuff or, in this case, free shelving that some neighbor with too much money was just gonna throw away. And thus, my poor, poor collectibles finally get a place to call their own in the living room. Other than my plush, a few of my favorite things that remain on my bookshelf, collectibles that have a use like folders, and some Transformers I need to put out, this is the whole shebang.

Let me give you a little tour! Click any picture to see it full-size.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ask a Writer: Good Idea Hunting

It's a new segment on Adventures in Hypergraphia: Ask a writer! Where I talk about my writing practises and habits.

If you're a writer and have your own answer to any of the questions, or if you'd like to add your own question to the table for a possible future article, sound off in the comments!

Anime Based on Level-5 Game to Reach Western Countries

"Dentsu Entertainment USA is set to bring The Little Battlers eXperience (LBX), the popular Japanese TV series and property, to North, Central and South America and is looking for partners.  Based on the miniature customizable robot animation, toy, video game and manga franchise, which is known in Japan as Danball Senki, the Danball Senki/LBX animated series is a co-production of video game company and property creator Level-5 (professor Layton, Inazuma Eleven), TV Tokyo and Dentsu Inc., with participation from Bandai, and publishers Shogakukan and Media Factory, as well as animation studio OLM (Pokemon, Deltora Quest).  The series currently airs in primetime on TV Tokyo.  Dentsu Entertainment USA is managing the business with Level 5 in the Americas."

-Via Cynopsis Kids

 I've never heard a thing about Little Battlers before, but being a fan of Professor Layton and hearing good things about Inazuma Eleven, I'm really interested to see how this turns out.

And hey, it's even got robots! Score!