Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh you shippers and your need for drama.

Can somebody explain something to me?

Why do people who ship something that isn't canon feel the need to justify themselves by making ridiculous claims that everybody who thinks the canon couple is canon just read their relationship the wrong way?

I mean, why not just say you like the not!canon pairing? There is nothing wrong with liking a pairing that isn't canon and there's nothing wrong with hating a pairing that is. When you make claims that show you lack the basic common sense to tell when a series/movie/book/whatever is beating you over the head with "these two are a couple" you don't prove anything and you look desperate.

Just enjoy what you enjoy. Fandom seldom affects canon, and when it does, it's the result of fandom loving something instead of hating on the alternative. It's not worth getting so worked up over.