Monday, January 9, 2012

Book Review: There, I Fixed It! (No You Didn't)

There, I Fixed It! (No You Didn't) is a small book of really horrific repair jobs from a supposedly popular blog I've never heard of before, made by the same folks who bring us adorable kittens with wacky captions... Except, several parts of the book are the same repair issue over and over with mildly witty captions attached.

Don't get me wrong. There, I Fixed It! (No You Didn't) isn't the world's worst adult picture book. In fact, I read the entire thing without thinking of putting it down. But instead of laughing loudly, I was only mildly amused. A few times, even, I was confused as to why some of the solutions were considered bad. Maybe I'm a cheapskate, but if you don't have a pair of salad tongs handy, there are much less clever ways to handle it than using a pair of forks and some rubber bands for a temporary replacement. After all, a solution not looking professional shouldn't debunk it as a potential solution.

Maybe after years of being mocked in all levels of schooling, I'm too numbed to the idea of laughing at other's inabilities to give a fair review. Or maybe I've gotten enough of the internet's snark while actually on the internet that bringing it into print feels superfluous. Or maybe – even – the writers have spent so much time around adorable kitties that they have lost the ability to give us an interesting dose of schadenfreude.

But for me, There, I Fixed It! (No You Didn't) was mildly amusing at best, boring and repetitive at worst.