Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kumoricon, Part 2: The Fun Stuff!

Now that I've got the complaints out of the way, here are some of my highlights from Kumoricon 2014!

Back in 2012, the last time I went, I planned my day to be as full as possible only to get distracted by the game room and cosplayers. This year, I didn't even bother. I went to a grand total of 4 full panels in 4 days and had a ton of fun just wandering around. I feel like I've discovered a new side of myself who is a lot more laid back.

Fallout: Equestria

I wound up playing a tabletop version of Fallout: Equestria by complete chance; I was just walking near the table looking lost and a group of bronies waved me over. What followed was an adventure of sadistic gameplay style and bad luck.

I picked out a female sniper and started hitting everyone from a distance with long range attacks. One pony rushed towards me in hopes of taking me down, and one of my teammates took her down before I could. I looked at the corpse of my mortal enemy with a huff, my pride shattered at getting beaten to the kill. To top it off, my other potential kills were moving out of my optimal range. I looked at the corpse, smothered a dark chuckle, and looked over to the GM.

"Can I, like, go stand on her body and shoot from there?"

The entire table stared at the only girl in the game, horrified I'd even suggest that. I got the feeling from my character sheet that my sniper was incredibly apathetic, and I was good at getting into character. (...Who am I kidding. My sense of humor is warped.) The GM said it was cool so I made my move. In the end, I wound up using the corpse to steady my gun.

I think the GM got his revenge by not mentioning that I could have looted the body, and soon enough things got even sillier.

I kept missing. Eventually, I abandoned my corpse/gun rest to try and get some distance, but it was too late. The super sadistic sniper-pony was down for the count, the remaining ponies blew each other up, and the game ended in a blaze of glory.

(To my credit, I did ask the GM if I could give my gun rest a proper burial once I abandoned it, but he said that'd be a multi-turn action.)

What Time is it? Munchkin Time!

I got to play Munchkin for the first time at K-Con, and it is super fun. Plus, I got to try out the Adventure Time expansion before it's official release! Oh my glob!

Hopefully I run into some other fans of the game at college. If I know I'll have someone to play with, I'd like to pick up a set for myself.

The Vodka Incident

This story is too funny to go into the category of "bad things", even though it scarred me for life. I can probably count the number of times I've had alcohol on my fingers; I have a culinary interest in it, so I'll try a sample when I see one, but the idea of getting intoxicated, even the smallest bit tipsy, never appealed to me. As someone with bipolar disorder, I've had to grow up learning how to keep control of my mind. To intentionally want to be "out of control" is a completely alien idea that perplexes me to no end. Even the culinary interest is starting to fade as I find that it pretty much all tastes like cough medicine to me.

But bar food is super yummy and cheap, so I've wound up at bars/restaurants with full bars a few times and have learned one of their best kept secrets for people who don't drink or seldom drink: bars tend to have really high-quality non-alcoholic drink too so they can be used as mix-ins for fancy concoctions There are few better places than bars and restaurants with full bars to get a good Arnold Palmer (half tea, half lemonade). Plus, ordering an Arnold Palmer sounds super sophisticated.

Anyways, the restaurant in the Hilton where the convention is held has a bar, and all the local cafes were closed, so I went in and got myself an Arnold Palmer. Sure enough, it was great, and the girl next to me looked over at my drink curiously before ordering one for herself. The thing is, she didn't realize my drink was non-alcoholic and wound up adding a shot of vodka to it. Now it was my turn to look at her curiously. We'd been chatting for a while and she let me try a sip. My inner foodie was stoked; could tea and lemonade transform the notoriously hard liquor into something palatable?



I took one sip and nearly hurled right there. If it's possible for a taste to mentally scar you, this would be the taste. It was official: even tea couldn't save vodka for me. And I wound up with a slight headache for my daring spirit. Never again.

I think I've officially given up on ever acquiring a taste for alcohol, which is probably a good thing anyway. If tea can't save it, nothing can.


While waiting in line to meet Chrisopher Sabat, some girls near the front started playing that game where you clap in time and have to name something following a theme, and if you get caught off guard you lose. Sabat started clapping with them and won without even saying anything.

It was amazing to get to meet Mr. Sabat, even though I was a flustered idiot. This is only my second time meeting a voice actor, so I'm still not able to keep my cool very well. Thankfully, he seemed to think it was cute instead of looking at me like I was an idiot. I had him sign my first volume of One Piece. I want to eventually have all the Straw Hats' voice actors sign the volume where they first met the crew. I mentioned Sgt. Frog and how it was a shame they weren't doing any more volumes (it just wasn't selling well enough, blarg.) He was bummed too and said he'd had a lot of fun working on it.

Cosplay Bingo

Any free time where I didn't feel like playing video games was spent trying to get blackout in cosplay bingo. I got 21/25 squares but in all the worst places, so I only landed 2 (actually, 3, one of which I forgot to claim!) bingos. Still, I met a lot of amazing cosplayers (I've been sharing photos on Tumblr and will post links in the wrap-up post I'm planning to do after this series of articles) and got some cute buttons. I wound up with a lot of pictures of characters from shows I don't even like just because I was so impressed by all the hard work people put in.

Fairy Tail RPG

My second experience in tabletop RPG ever was a custom Fairy Tail RP running through an AU version of the Tenrou Island Arc. I was Lucy and along with Cana wound up fighting Gajeel and Levy. We were getting out butts kicked, so I stubbornly summoned Aquarius, refusing to get less than a tie. Everyone wound up KOing each other pretty quickly.

Kumoricon Idol 2014

Participating in Kumoricon Idol this year was amazing and there was some fantastic talent. If you missed the closing ceremonies where the winner sung, you missed an amazing performance! I didn't place myself, but I got some complements on my voice from several people, host included.

It's nice to get reassured when I lose at a singing contest - I don't really like how I sound recorded, so I don't have anything to go on to judge how well I did than what others thought of it. I hope they post a video of the full event soon.

Still to Come...

Next time on Kumoricon 2014 Follow-Up: THE EPIC HAUL POST!