Saturday, December 17, 2011

Probably all Wrong Anyway: Homestuck Act 6 Predictions

I'd like to start posting reactions to updates of my fandoms - like new episodes and stuff - on this blog. Obviously, I won't do a long essay every time Homestuck updates, because I only lovet the exiles anyway that's just rediculous. 

Yes, I like this comic. It's alright. Not so much the profanity, though. I love Safari's profanity filter with all my heart. <3

Spoilers beyond this point.

If we actually go through with the much anticipated timeskip shenanigans, I think it'll have to wait until after we find out what happened to WV and PM.

Not that it's unlike Hussie to leave an event, jump back, and flashback to earlier to reveal what happened, but WV's life is hanging on a thread right now. IMO if he did that, he'd be forced to reveal if he lived/died and then flash back to the events that lead up to it, and that seems rather anti-climactic. I think we're going to have to at least confirm if WV lies or dies before we go 2 years later. 

So - this is just a guess because I don't trust Hussie farther than I can throw him when it comes to not bringing out a plotwist that changes everything - but I think Act 6 might go something like this:

Act 6 Part 1: We know how that went. lol explosions.

Act 6 Intermission 1: What we've already seen, and then kids stuff. I think this letter might end the intermission once we read it. (Hussie likes to end acts with long letters and the like.) 

Act 6 Part 2: More of the alpha kids, including what the crap just happened to Jane. She'll probably turn out to be alive in some anti-climactic manner. 

Act 6 Intermission 2: Focus on PM and WV and some Ja-

Wait. What happened to Jack Noir?

He was heading towards the protagonists. I'm not sure where this would fit in the timeline, but at some point during the act I'm guessing Noir is going to either fight the god tier characters or see how many there are and plan a strategy. 

So yeah. In other words, other than WV and PM I have no idea what intermission 2 is gonna be like, and I'm just trying to sound smart. Moving on.

And then whatever other junk needs done in Act 6-3.