Sunday, August 7, 2011

My New Collection Shelf!

Mom is the queen of finding cheap stuff or, in this case, free shelving that some neighbor with too much money was just gonna throw away. And thus, my poor, poor collectibles finally get a place to call their own in the living room. Other than my plush, a few of my favorite things that remain on my bookshelf, collectibles that have a use like folders, and some Transformers I need to put out, this is the whole shebang.

Let me give you a little tour! Click any picture to see it full-size.

I think my biggest relief of getting a collection shelf was for the One Piece Merry Go in this shot. It's filled with tiny figurines depicting scenes from various arcs of the manga series, and they are adorable but pesky. Anytime I tried to get a book from anywhere near the thing somebody would fall out of place and onto the floor. Speaking of OP, Chopper is the best character in any anime ever and I have several keychains depicting him. Most of these are cosplay keychains, where he is dressed as other members of the crew. My favorite one would be Chopper as Sanji; he's got a little cigar and is carrying a tray of drinks for teh ladehs~ I'm surprised the set didn't include him dressed as Usopp though. Maybe there's another set I missed or planned for the future?

I have a little collection of Disney pins going. I have an Up pin lying around too that I need to find and put next to EVE and Oswald.

I'm not much for Pez, but I have trouble resisting when I see a Pixar one at the dollar store. A few other various cheap Pixar items are there, too.

The other half of the top shelf, with more One Piece. I've visited an Asian exchange store quite a few times and the franchise is everywhere, and the figures have some beautiful detail. Most of the figures in this shot I got from an online seller who was trying to clear them out, though.

The rarest thing here is probably the little gold Hatchi in the front. Hatchi is one of my favorite non-crew member characters and finding a gold AmeCole of him was awesome.

The GIR is from the Invader Zim boxset, and there are some Pokemon figures from card tins. I have Victini too, but it sits by my computer as a sort of mascot.

And then there's my pride and joy: Sprx and Nova from the vastly unappreciated Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! tv series. Despite being a fan of the series for... what, 5 years? I only recently got my hands on the plastic embodiments of my OTP via Toyzam clearance and semi-epic eBay bidwars. Neither of them can still talk or light up but hey.

The middle shelf is rather bland, I know. I'm tall and can't see most of the shelf when I'm standing dead in front of the collection, so I just put a few really short things towards the front of it. There some random Pokemon stuff, a few WALL-E figurines, more One Piece stuff (what a surprise), and some keychains. Man, when I was a kid, I collected keychains like crazy. I had, like, this giant glass jar filled with keychains, and I have no idea what happened to it.

And my current focus...

Diecast Cars

So detailed! So shiny! So cheap! I love these things. So many stories are in this collection, from Wal-Mart clearance to unexpectedly old sets at the supermarket to even working with a parent because we both wanted only one of the cars in a two pack. I've managed to snag most of the characters I wanted, but Professor Z continues to elude me and Sally is neigh impossible. Fillmore is kinda rattling around my brain too. But darn, Professor Z. You slippery little zundapp you.

That oversized Mater in the back is adorable, by the way. You know those cars that you pull backwards and they drive forwards? Well, with Mater, you pull him forwards and... well, guess. ;)

So yeah, that's my collection. Someday I'll get around to showing you my plush, too, and maybe even my other random stuff.