Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Manga Review: Broken Angels

Fujiwara Suano doesn't fit in and doesn't care. She prefers to dress like a boy, enjoys causing trouble, and has the ability to control water. And that, it seems, it just the beginning, as Suano isn't very open about a past that could threaten the entire school.

Broken Angels is clearly inspired by CLAMP in both its storytelling and art style. In fact, I double checked the cover to make sure it wasn't their handiwork. But the more you read Broken Angels, the more you notice what it's lacking that CLAMP has - the ability to make a complex plot flow. The story seems to jump between a serious fantasy story, a love triangle, and introspection on how cool the main character is (and the main character IS pretty cool), not entirely sure where it's going.

Did I mention the protagonist is cool? If there's one thing I really liked about this story, it was Suano herself. As a tomboy myself who wears a lot of male clothing, I found it refreshing to see a less feminine main character in a shoujo setting. Her friendship and one-sided romance with the very feminine male school nurse is charming and funny. The problem is, the plot quickly becomes confusing as the author tries to jump between too many things. Add a splash of perverted humor, and Suano's cool-factor can't keep me invested in an otherwise mediocre manga.

Rating: C-