Monday, June 3, 2013

Birthday Schenanigans

My 22nd birthday is a bittersweet one for me - This could have been the year I'd finished college if I hadn't been a depression-laden mess who failed a bunch of classes and had to take an indefinite hiatus. Then again, this was also the first year that I felt like I might finally be 10% of an adult.

Why? Because when I got birthday money from my parents, my first thought was "Yay, school payment!" rather than anything related to DVDs or video games. Still, I promised myself I'd spend a little on something fun, so I bought a new bag to replace my old backpack that fell apart. It's pink and has a smaller bag inside, so I have one bag that can carry anything from just my wallet and chap-stick to my laptop and a bunch of books without feeling awkward. It's one of the most girly things I own and I'm okay with that, darnit.

I also got the traditional "gift of awesome random things Blackjack finds around the year and hides till me birthday." I'd go into detail with pictures and everything but I'm really tired after running around all day in some of the hottest weather we've had this year. The short version is Pansage plush, tea, Cars stuff, and other awesome things.

By the end of a day filled with wishes, cake, and free birthday tea at the cafe, I feel a lot more at peace. Not because of the stuff, but because I was reminded of a lot of people who don't think I'm a walking disaster.

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